Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Before We Get Started...

read this.

there are a couple things you should know before we get started...

1.) I'm a little off-the-wall, blunt, and occasionally flighty.  If you're looking for a blog that puts out posts on a schedule...well...you're just not going to find that here.
I will blog as the occassion arises and when I get a new & interesting blog topic! *hint hint*

2.) I value your opinions; however, please keep them off of my blog.  If you want to share your opinions then put them on your own blog and I may or may not read it. : ) 

Whew.  That was rough!

Thanks for following as I (re)start my blog journey!
Please email blog topic requests to: insanelysara@gmail.com
and remember to subscribe to my NEW channel on YouTube!
YouTube: www.youtube.com/insanelysara

-- Sara -- 

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