Friday, August 24, 2012

NO BAKE Chocolate Pomegranate Energy Bars

Photo by insanely_sara • Instagram

These are incredibly easy and seriously delicious.  If you have kiddos you can even involve them in the process -- Christopher helped me measure, mix, and roll them into small bite-sized pieces!  

  I use vanilla ProFIT in my energy bars vs other protein powders because it's the highest quality one I've found so far! It doesn't contain artificial sweeteners (which is a big deal to me.)  If I read "sucralose" or "aspartame" on any label; it goes right back on the shelf!  If you want more info or are wondering where I get it send me an email! 

What's the big deal with artificial sweeteners?  They've been linked with long-term damage to the nervous system, weight gain, possible cancers, diabetes and other health ailments!  Bottomline:  artifical sweeteners are just that...artifical.  Not natural and not meant for your body.  Check out this article:  Cons of Artificial Sweeteners

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