Thursday, September 13, 2012

INSANITY Meal Plan Weeks 3 & 4

So if you know know I have a short attention span.  That applies to boring conversations, sports, and (sadly!) diet plans that have the same food.  I like variety!  I'm finding that the hardest thing for me to overcome right now is sticking to the meal plan.  The food is great and there's a great variety initially...but after following it for 2 weeks I'm already getting bored.  So I've added in some flexible foods and different recipes but am keeping it to 300 calories and all recipes will be FIT  : )  If you're curious about any particular recipe please email me!

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Also -- my weight loss is NOT where I wanted it to be after following the INSANITY plan almost exactly for nearly 2 weeks and -- although I haven't done the INSANITY workout every day I still did a workout and picked up where I left off with the Insanity Plan. On the days I had to skip INSANITY (I was so sore I could barely move much less do plyometric circuits!) I did Zumba and Yoga instead.  According to the INSANITY calculations I did for my weight loss I should be eating 1800 calories / day.  I'm not sure why; but I've actually gained weight.  Seriously.  2 lbs.  I'm assuming (and hoping!) it's muscle because I'm feeling more toned.  However, I'd really like to lose weight.  So I'm nixing some of the meals and replacing them with lighter meals like sauteed veggies instead. Feel free to replace them with other things from the Insanity Plan if you're not looking to cut calories!  

I'm using Noom to track my workouts and food intake.  Download the app!  It's amazing!


  1. Just wanted to add this as an update: I did the Insanity plan for a total of 6 weeks. I did the workouts, followed the meals (or if it wasn't an exact meal I used one that was in the substitutions guide on the back). I was able to keep up with the people on the DVD pretty well!! (Far better than when I started out) My resting heart rate decreased. HOWEVER: here's what happened for me personally. Now I know that people who do Insanity and love it get results -- I'm not saying that Insanity doesn't work. I know it does: for some people. But for me? It did NOT work.

    By the end of the 6 weeks I had GAINED 7 lbs. All of my measurements were larger (except for those around my arms...and my arms were where I was LEAST concerned!) I also started to feel extremely angry after every workout. That's the best way I can describe it --- I've never felt this way in my entire life but I was just pissed off. My husband called me from work and asked what I was doing and I was so mad that I literally could not breathe and I wasn't mad about anything but was just "mad" in general. I know...this sounds crazy but I swear these workouts just made me crabby and this feeling lasted for 15 to 30 minutes after each workout.

    The 2nd thing I started noticing was bloating. I'm very conscious of my body and noticed this right away so I posted in the Insanity chat rooms as well as started doing a little research in my nutrition books. I attributed it at first to sensitivity to some sodium in foods I was eating so I cut back and then decided that it might be because my muscles were trying to recover.

    The 3rd thing I started to get after week 3 was fatigued. All of the time. I started to sleep more and just never felt like I was getting enough sleep...which was odd because usually after I do a workout I feel really energized.

    The 4th thing (and for you guys this might be TMI) but it started to mess with my cycle. My period came 2 weeks early and then it came again in 2 weeks and then 2 weeks after that (so a total of 3 in the 6 weeks I was doing Insanity)!!!! And I'm normally an extremely "regular" person -- NO I was not / am not pregnant, either. The only thing I did differently was add Insanity! Since stopping it my cycles have went back to normal.

    So -- as a personal preference no I would not choose Insanity again for weight loss. Perhaps once I reach my desired weight and then want to "tone up" I will do a couple workouts 2-3 times / week but I will certainly NEVER attempt to follow the plan again. It did not agree with my body and I did not feel healthy. Definitely NOT for me! (FYI - I've not experienced any of the "angry episodes" since stopping Insanity, ether. That was probably the strangest thing that's EVER happened to me! I have NO idea what caused that but if you have any ideas please let me know!) :)

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  2. I made a plan and a grocery list before ever hitting the store.

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