Friday, September 7, 2012

Sometimes "C" is for COFFEE

Well my love / hate relationship with coffee is in the "love" stage least for today!  It's been 54 days since I've last had coffee.  Out of nowhere I just didn't want to drink it anymore!  I didn't want to smell it or even be anywhere near it.  It was so weird because never once did the caffeine withdrawal headaches make their ugly appearance. 

Today, however, I woke up and all I wanted was coffee.  Coffee.  Coffee.  Maybe because this is one of the first brisk mornings that actually feel like fall and all I want to do is stand outside and watch the sunrise while holding a steaming cup of joe.  Or maybe it's because I have terrible allergies and am seriously dragging @$$ today.  Who knows.  But I drove myself and my muddy boys over to the podunk gas station on the corner and grabbed a 1/2 Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino 1/2 mild coffee and downed that sucker like free shots on a 21st birthday.  Must say -- for a gas station coffee it wasn't that bad!  (I guess it helps that I can barely taste anything either thanks to these terrible allergies!)

And -- of course -- Pumpkin Spice always reminds me of my hubby and the first time we actually really talked to each other way back in high school when he knocked over my cappuccino in first hour creative writing class   <3 font="font">


OK.  And while I was making THAT video here is what the boys were doing :)  Thanks Isaac --- my boys are having a blast in our muddy driveway thanks to all the rain you dropped off this past week!  


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