Thursday, October 4, 2012

JustFab -- My New SEXY & TALL Boots that I got for $25 ...STEAL!

I've been boot shopping for well over a year and have searched countless stores but nothing really stood out to me.  The boots I purchased had to meet my criteria:

-- Has to look edgy and non-traditional
-- Must be an "off" color
-- Can't resemble cowboy boots
-- Can't look hooker-ish
-- Cannot be velvet or an extremely fake looking leather
-- Cannot have a chunky heel
-- No large buckles
-- Cannot be flat (I think those look like Peter Pan boots....) can see where I was running into some problems.  And I was really cringing over the thought of spending $150 on a pair. Last night some fitness instructor in Cali that I follow was posting about her new pair of boots from JustFab.  I saw the website before but honestly thought it was a scam! (Because how could shoes so amazing be THAT cheap with no catches?!?)

Well -- it's because they're JUST FABULOUS!!!  As a New Member I got 1/2 off my first order if I ordered within 24 hours.  NO PROBLEM!  

$19.95  -- pair of boots listed below
$4.95 -- express shipping (arriving by Monday)

Click this link to check out JustFab for yourself!!!

VIP Perks 
(The only "catch" is if you don't choose to "skip" a month by the 5th, you'll get charged $39.95 to shop with later.  That's not even a bad deal!  You can "skip" however many months you want and there is no minimum order amount.  As an extreme skeptic myself, I think this makes anyone happy!)

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