Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Put in my extensions yesterday for the 2nd time ever!!!

Weather: Sunny. Blue skies -- no clouds!  Chilly this morning.  Definitely starting to show signs of fall. The house smells like rust orange and burgundy (for those of you with non-colorful sniffers:  I'm melting Ginger Spice Cake and Apple Cinnamon candles throughout the house)
Mood: Headache......probably from caffeine deficiency due to the cleanse diet I'm doing this week!  A little grumpy and frustrated.  Trying to figure out how to be supermom / successful businesswoman / housewife / DIY master / chef.....not going so well!
Outfit:  HA!  Grey leggings and neon green sweatshirt with brown sweater boots  I laugh because I literally have NO fall clothes!  Haven't went shopping since 2006!  2007: college. broke: enough said!  2008: 7 months pregnant. Hello maternity clothes!   2009: size 14/16....wearing awkward hand-me-down clothes!   2010: 6 months pregnant. Hello more maternity clothes!  2011: FLORIDA!  I didn't need cold weather clothes!  2012: literally 2 pairs of jeans. 2 pairs of leggings. 2 pairs of sweatpants.  No sweaters. 1 hoodie. 1 sweatshirt that fits properly.  ~~~shopping~~~
Noteworthy happenings: Participating in the VSPink / Elle contest on Pinterest.  Grand prize winner gets $1000 shopping trip with an Elle stylist @ the new VSPink store in NYC.  Considering what I just posted above about not having any clothes?  ....it's worth a shot, right?!  : ) 

My PINKspiration - NYC Pinterest Board

--- Ryan took a nap all by himself in his big boy bed!  (see picture below)


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