Monday, December 10, 2012

First Snow of 2012 -- Wisconsin

Today was the first actual snowfall I've seen for over a year!  Last Christmas it never snowed until the day we left Wisconsin to go back to Florida (go figure!  That put the kibosh on our snowmobiling plans!) 

It started to snow yesterday and then last night Christopher and I put our pillows on the opposite end of the bed at my mom's apartment so we could see out the window and fall asleep watching the snowfall. : )  I always love the sort of orange-y glow the sky gets whenever it's going to snow. It takes me way back to one Christmas Eve where the sky was glowing and I fell asleep waiting for Santa to come and woke up Christmas morning to find that we got a real "Christmas Snow" and everything was covered in glittering white powder!

I had to sweep (yes -- with a broom) snow off of my car this morning while wearing leggings, my stiletto heeled boots, and a gray flannel: sexy! hahaha  Actually I think that's the definition of "podunk"!  Mind you I had also slept in my extensions and the braid was coming undone so I was just one hot mess!  Got both of the boys in the car and then drove around looking at the idyllic snow scenes down by the river until the gas light on my car came on and I decided we should head back to the house so we could get dressed and then run uptown to purchase winter gear to go play outside!

After we made the trip to Wally World the boys and I headed over to Ripple Creek Park and played around in the snow for an hour!  We had a blast -- although at first Christopher was a little over tired and stubbornly refused to play for 5 minutes because he did NOT want to wear mittens!  Ryan only faceplanted a couple of times and he came up with white eyelashes and snow snicking to every part of that furry hat - poor kid!  The snow came up to his little knees but still he refused to be carried. 

 I'd ask him, "Ry do you want mommy to pick you up?"  and he gave me this look, pursed his lips, and turned the upper half of his body while mustering up every ounce of self-reliance and sass and saying, "Nnnn-OH!" ("No" --- but in Ryan's world the "n" is very drawn out and the "OH" is extremely pronouned)

Look at Ryan in his cute little outfit!  The Carhartt bibs Gigi bought him :) 
The rest of the day was rather uneventful and was actually spent trying to get the boys to nap!  I laid them down at 2pm and by 4 they still weren't sleeping. At 5 I decided it was time to give up and have dinner so we ate grilled cheese then it was back to sleepyland.  Turned on "Secrets of Yellowstone" from Netflix for some sleepy background noise: informational programs -- while extremely interesting --  always have the monotone that reminds me of movies we'd watch on Fridays in English class and immediately makes me sleepy.  It worked!  Both the boys and I fell asleep.  Then at 7pm I went out to socialize in the garage (the "hangout" here @ my dad's house!) only to get called by my dad that the boys were -- in fact -- awake and playing hide and seek under the stairs.

The rest of the night has been spent messaging back and forth with team members, working on my website, and of course...playing around with blogs / vlogs :)  Missing the hubsters a little -- I guess :)  I suppose that's always a good thing!  Sometimes we're both too darn independent for our own good.  But lately things have been coming together and I hope we're seeing more "eye-to-eye".  He's been stringing up Christmas lights and has a surprise for us.  I'm excited to get home:  I miss my house.  I miss my bed.  I miss my sanity.  I miss my office.  I miss my morning coffee on the porch.  I miss my space.  Basement life is just not cutting it for me.



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