Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The past couple of days have been crazy.
I swear life is moving at 100mph and throwing curve balls left and right!  But it's ok.  It really just reminds me to take time and enjoy all of the small things.  

Some small things I've enjoyed in the past couple of days:
-- noodle fight in the garage with Christopher
-- painting Christmas crafts in the garage
-- going shopping with Mary
-- reading Dr. Seuss with the boys

I've finally run out of luck with dodging sickness and have picked up the nasty cold that's going around.  I sound like a 90-yr-old smoker and I feel like my head is inflated with helium -- always pleasant!  ; ) 

 Anyways... so as a result, I'm up late tonight watching the latest episode of NEW GIRL and I started laughing (really) loudly.  -- as you know we're staying up in WI right now and the boys and I are all in one room in the basement: me on the couch, Ryan in the pack-n-play and Christopher on his little cot. -- So I start laughing and Ryan pops up out of a dead sleep and gives me this completely mad little face and says,
and then flops back down on his pillow.  I had to contain my next burst of laughter for fear of awakening the wrath of Captain Crankypants! hahaha.  Oh that was by far the highlight of the night  <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">

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