Friday, June 29, 2012

Christopher's First Concert -- Bearfoot Band

Picture from their website:

Christopher and I headed out for a mother / son date last night at the McMillan Memorial Library in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the band or how many people would actually show up; but much to my surprise it was a full house with standing room only and even the lobby was filled with chairs as they watched the live performance on the TV screen!  The gentleman that held the door for us on the way in actually gave us the last seat in the performance room.  And of course just as we eeked our butts past the elderly couples and got seated in the middle of the row...Christopher whispers in my ear, "Mommy -- ........I have to pee."

          *****************  5  minutes  later *****************

  After we got re-situated (Christopher on my lap) and the band started Christopher's face immediately lit up.  He was clapping along and after each performance he was the first one clapping and doing his imitation of a whistle : )   The guitar and mandolin players really caught his fascination and he was strumming along with them on his air guitar!  It was everything he could do to stay seated -- he just wanted to get right up and dance!

The band and their music blew my expectations out of the water. They are phenomenal!  I never expected to be a fan of Bluegrass but I purchased their CD last night @ the show and downloaded some tunes already!  It's not "Bluegrass" how you might imagine it -- it's bluegrass and indie with a modern country twist and it was definitely easy to get lost in their not-so-traditional music.  Funny how one bluegrass band can make you realize that nobody can affect your happiness.  To be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the music and just let go  was exactly what I needed last night...

At intermission Christopher shook hands with everyone around him and introduced himself, 
          "Hi I'm Chris-to-pher!  I just turned free and I like dis music!"
 As you can imagine this was a big hit with the elderly ladies there!  

He even got all of the signatures of the band on his new CD with the inscription:
To Christopher  (heart)  Bearfoot

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