Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Insanity Day 1 + My 2 Week Insanity Meal Plan

WHEW!  They're not kidding -- this is the real deal!  I'm exhilerated and exhausted all at the same time after just doing the Fitness Test!

Here is the meal plan I came up with for my first 2 weeks based on the Elite Nutrition Guide that came with the Insanity workouts.  No I won't be giving out the recipes just because I feel like that'd be unethical.  But if you like the look of the food lists I would strongly suggest sending me an email for some more info or heading to their website and checking it out!  I'm SO happy with this investment already!

INSANITY is a trademark logo of Beachbody    

-- Switch Kicks: 43
-- Power Jacks: 47
-- Power Knees: 97
-- Power Jumps: 18
-- Globe Jumps: 6.5
-- Suicide Jumps: 14
-- Pushup Jacks: 11
-- Oblique Knees: 32

-- Left thigh: 23.25''
-- Right thigh: 23.75''
-- Left calf: 14.75''
-- Right calf: 14.75''
-- Left ankle: 9.25''
-- Right ankle: 9.75''
-- Hips: 38''
-- Bellybutton: 34''
-- Waist: 31.75''
-- Left Bicep: 11.75''
-- Right Bicep: 12''

Dream Board + Goals

                        Make your dream board here

Losing sight of your goals is a really good way to flop at a job where YOU are your own boss and you have to kick your own butt into gear!  Do you work from home?  Use the dream board to see what exactly it is you're working for.  Why do you work from home?  Is it to save up for your kids' college education? (Have you seen the most recent estimates for college tuition in 2030?  EEK!  Check them out here)  Do you want to make extra money on the side?  Or maybe it's just for fun?  

Whatever your's helpful to have your goals and dreams outlined so you can click on that board when you're having a day where you want to throw your hands up in the air, slam your computer, and quit. (Pssst -- DON'T QUIT!  We all have those moments! If Donald Trump had to work for his empire all over again, guess what?  He said without hesitation he'd go into network marketing!)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Inspiration Comes in All Shapes AND Sizes

Meet: Jackie Stringer.

Triathlon Competitor.



After her picture showed up on the site Swim Bike Mom there was an immediate outpouring of comments. Most of them were positive and encouraging; but then there were extremely hateful comments.  I have to be honest: my first reaction to heaver people is one that I am ashamed of (and especially after reading her comments below!) This woman is an inspiration and a true athlete and below her picture is her reaction to the rude comments she received. 

Photo from: Swim Bike Mom

"Thank you Swim Bike Mom for posting this [picture of me.]  I am humbled and proud to be an inspiration and actually quite appalled at how some of the posters are treating this.  I used to weight 415 lbs.  [and] walking to the mailbox was a struggle.  Some people don't just "let themselves go" ...[they] have actual medical issues that prevent normal every day activities.  Say what you will but I got off my ass and did it.  And I consistently do it. I do it for me, not you …and I Inspire and amaze myself every day at how far I am able to push my body mentally [and] physically. I feel bad for people who can’t look at any picture of ANY athlete and not be inspired.

Honestly, hearing how this photo has inspired folks, I hope it goes viral! I want everyone to know that it IS ok to be any size and still compete. I am comfortable enough with myself to truly appreciate any praise I get from athletes who [have] finished while I’m still out there encouraging me. Triathlons are truly the only sport I have ever been involved in where people genuinely care about others…I am proud of myself, my unbelievably supportive teammates at the Atlanta Triathlon Club and those online like Swim Bike Mom who takes this for what it is. Inspiration for anyone to get out there and do it. If I can inspire just one person, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

I don’t hear [the] negativity, only the passion I have in my head and heart to achieve anything I set my mind to. I would encourage anyone to watch my progress as I train for the Half Ironman in Augusta on September 30th. Many people half my size wouldn’t even dream of trying to even enter such an event. But IM DOING iT! First, last, dnf, at least I started and will continue to follow my dreams…. FOR ME. I hope that all of us encourage others to be their best and are proud that ANYONE attempts these activities.
If you can’t applaud every athlete, especially those of us who it takes twice as long to finish and twice as much effort to move twice as much weight across the line, then I feel sad for you that you can’t appreciate the beauty in life and everyone’s journey. FYI the day after this race, I swam the Ridges 5k open water swim from GA to NC… so anything is possible if you put your mind to it!!! I wish all of you good luck and hope to hear about all of your successes (and not so successes on your journeys) as well!!!
Love, Jackie”

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Friday, August 24, 2012

NO BAKE Chocolate Pomegranate Energy Bars

Photo by insanely_sara • Instagram

These are incredibly easy and seriously delicious.  If you have kiddos you can even involve them in the process -- Christopher helped me measure, mix, and roll them into small bite-sized pieces!  

  I use vanilla ProFIT in my energy bars vs other protein powders because it's the highest quality one I've found so far! It doesn't contain artificial sweeteners (which is a big deal to me.)  If I read "sucralose" or "aspartame" on any label; it goes right back on the shelf!  If you want more info or are wondering where I get it send me an email! 

What's the big deal with artificial sweeteners?  They've been linked with long-term damage to the nervous system, weight gain, possible cancers, diabetes and other health ailments!  Bottomline:  artifical sweeteners are just that...artifical.  Not natural and not meant for your body.  Check out this article:  Cons of Artificial Sweeteners

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