Meet The Boys

christopher & ryan.

charming yet deadly.

These adorable little tyrants are the reason I get up in the morning...
(seriously. Otherwise I'd probably be able to sleep until 9!)

It's impossible to imagine my life without these 2 crazy boys and their shenanigans!  They're the little loves of my life.
Both of them are so personable and are honestly the most friendly boys on the planet...
They wave & say "Hi" to everyone we meet.  Their bubbly personalities are contagious and they make people's faces light right up!


I'm hoping to get them into modeling --- I think they'd both be awesome! 
But then again...I am their mom.  I have a feeling everyone thinks that about their kids :)  

Age: 3
aka "Mr. Cool" or "Monroe"
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Enjoys running around outside & is
notorious for mischief as soon as you're
not looking.  Extremely charming.

Photo Ryan
Age: 1
aka: Ry-bear
Favorite activity: Eating Cheerios
Enjoys being goofy and making people
laugh as well as annoying his big brother.
Silly, cute, and lovable. 

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