Rotten to the Core: A Compost Pile

A couple months ago Christopher was watching his "Curious George Goes Green" DVD and for the first time I actually sat down to watch it with him.  There was an episode dedicated to composting and I though, "HEY!  ...I CAN DO THAT!"
1.) choosing a location-- You can either compost in a container OR choose to simply put it in a pile
-- Make sure the area gets equal shade AND sunlight.  Too much sun and it'll dry out...too little sun and the compost won't properly activate
-- If you're concerned about critters...use a container.  Fairly inexpensive to build yourself!
( in an apartment or duplex?  You can compost indoors, too! )

I chose to put our pile on bare ground in an old farm structure on our property.  It gets plenty of shade and the area is fence off so I'm not worried about animals.

2.) add "Greens" & "Browns"-- The secret to perfect composting (so I've read) is getting the right mixture
-- "Greens": fruits, vegetables, old plants...things with moisture in them
-- "Browns": Dead leaves, wood scraps, ....dry

September 17, 2012

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