About the blog:

I got pregnant at 19, dropped out of school, and at one point had nothing more in my refrigerator than a carton of eggs and a gallon of milk.  I was a single mom going to school online while working 2 jobs.  If you want to read about my journey so far please click on "My Story".  I want to reach out to people who are or have been in that situation just to say, "there's hope.  Don't give up.  God has a different plan for your life and it may not be what you want right now; but give it time.  It's going to be a thousand times better than you could ever imagine".

Now I'm a proud EOD wife (my husband is in the "bombsquad") and I have a passion for fitness & nutrition.  Most days are spent having fun with my boys while blogging, trying new recipes, and enjoying life! 

This blog is dedicated to documenting my crazy, everyday life : ) You'll see:

-- recipes
-- random thoughts
-- my weight loss journey updates (65 lbs and counting!)
-- the boys & their shenanigans
-- nutrition info
-- everyday videos & pictures

About me:

my name is Sara and I'm a picture junkie  : )  I ALWAYS have a camera within reach.  I've lived in MN, WI, KS, FL, and now MO all since 2007!  I love adventure and spontaneity... I never want to wake up one day and think, " What If ".  Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin made me somewhat of a "backwoods girl" and I enjoy fishing & the outdoors just as much as I love shopping, makeup, and Bath & Body Works.  Someday I am moving back to Florida -- the beach is my other love and it's stolen my heart!  There's just something completely magical about laying on a white beach with the sand between your toes, the wind blowing through your hair, and the waves crashing on shore.  

Blog Topic Suggestions: insanelysara@gmail.com 

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